What A Great Evening

CTRA Meeting with Michael Quinn SullivanAfter the fantastic evening we just had we have so much to be thankful for:

  • David and Betsy Buttross for so generously opening their home to the CTRA,
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan and Jerry Patterson for their inspiring and motivational talks,
  • Each of the over 30 members of the CTRA who attended, ready and willing to work to make a difference in Central Texas primaries.

CTRA Meeting Jerry Patterson

We covered this legislative session, the need for citizens to be much more involved and vocal, the need for politicians who will be straightforward, and the critical importance of the second amendment.

We also discussed the upcoming national and state conventions and the need for delegates to those, as well as the need for board nominations committee member volunteers, and board member elections. Finally we reviewed plans for next month’s meeting and an initiative to increase conservative voter turnout, add new precinct chairs, grow the CTRA’s membership and improve the chances for Republican victory in several different races in Travis county all at the same time.

If any of that sounds like things you agree with or would like to be a part of, join us.


  1. Mike McNamara says:

    James, yes it was a great event. Thank you for stepping up to head up the CTRA and keep its legacy going.

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