Our Beliefs
The core beliefs to which all members of the Central Texas Republican Assembly ascribe.
CTRA member John Ulrich and Sherry and Texas State Representative Paul Workman

CTRA member John Ulrich and Sherry and Texas State Representative Paul Workman

All political power and influence should flow from the grassroots upward.

All human rights are granted by God, not government. Government exists primarily to protect the God-given rights of the people.

The Constitution was written by wise men under the inspiration of God and the original intent of the Founders is as valid and binding today as it was in their day.

The unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life, which cannot be infringed. That sacred right extends to all persons regardless of age or infirmity allowing neither euthanasia, nor assisted suicide, nor public funding for any of these practices.

The traditional family is the foundation and cornerstone of our society and we oppose any attempt to undermine or redefine the family unit.

The founders never intended to separate God from government but rather to prevent government from establishing a single state religion or inhibiting the citizen’s right to the free exercise of religion in any setting, public or private.

Free market capitalism is the only economic system that creates the opportunities and incentives that allow maximum productivity and prosperity for the people. It is the necessary partner of political freedom.

In the necessity of national sovereignty, we also consider it crucial to return to appropriate state sovereignty under the 10th amendment.

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