Our Objectives
The core objectives of the Central Texas Republican Assembly.

To recruit, educate, train and motivate individuals to run for public office who are irrevocably committed to upholding and fighting for Constitutional principles and the preservation of the Republic.

To increase Republican voter registration.

To promote conservatism in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.

To bring back to the Republican Party those who have been disaffected by the perception that the party has moved away from its core principles.

To watchdog elected officials and insure their adherence to conservative Republican principles.

To identify and oppose those individuals, groups and agendas that would, knowingly or otherwise, bring about the loss of our freedoms and the destruction of our Republic through the violation of the constitution and the erosion of the traditional family or public morals.

To inform the public regarding correct principles relative to issues and the qualifications of candidates for public office.

To maintain the integrity of the Republican Party platform based on correct moral and Constitutional principles. Then to use the platform as a criterion of accountability for elected officials.

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