Our Principles
The core principles of the Central Texas Republican Assembly.

We pledge our allegiance to uphold the precious Constitution as originally intended by our country’s Founding Fathers. We hold to principles over politics.

The power of the Federal Government must be strongly bound by the chains of the Constitution to allow maximum individual achievement through freedom.

Our country is a sovereign nation. We must never compromise our national sovereignty to other nations, the United Nations, or any other world organization. Our Foreign Policy must always reflect our national self-interest.

Our individual states have sovereign authority to govern land and peoples with their borders. We will not abide usurpation of state sovereignty by Federal mandate or economic extortion.

Each of us should be free to achieve or fail according to our individual abilities, without the need for governmental assistance or quotas.

Taxes should serve only to pay for the enumerated Constitutional duties of government. It is not the role of government to penalize financial success, nor protect from financial failure. Each citizen should share equitably in financing the freedoms we enjoy.

Parents bear the final responsibility before God in the rearing of their children. Parents are commanded by God to love their children and lead them in the paths of truth. Parents must be free to discipline their children in love and direct their education without government intrusion.

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